Despite of frequent power outages your electricity bills often shocks you? You are tired of paying hundreds of dollar as your energy bills. You are worried that it might force you to live hand to mouth. Now, you don’t need to worry, Rich Lubbok has made, ELECTRICITY FREEDOM SYSTEM, which is better, simple and cost-effective method to save your electricity.

Electricity freedom system is an online product that teaches you simple techniques and methods to generate your own energy. It can be utilize help to cut your electricity bill to more than half.  It is step by step plan to generate their own power plant which is inexpensive and requires eco friendly products. This program contains written and visual instruction on how to build the generator which is demonstrated by professionals. It also guides us the ways to connect gas box or electric box to the generator.

Required products to make power plant are as follows:



-a plastic tarp

-a dryer vent hose

-little insulation

-an inexpensive thermometer with adhesive property

Sometimes it is hard to believe that this simple creation can save our money but it is a reality.


Rich Lubbok who suffered badly by electricity and power outage during his wife’s illness, deeply research on the ways to generate cheap electricity not only for himself but for people all over the world. After many years of research, he successfully created a best product to save your electricity bills named, Electricity Freedom System. The things which are utilize in construction of this generator cost less than hundred dollar.


This system aimed to give you every type of knowledge through easy instructions and step by step method to create one’s own residential based power plant. It shows the techniques in video demonstration which help you to  understand how to assemble, create and install different parts with solar panels. Also it teaches to construct wind power generation system.  After completing these procedures you are ready to utilize free energy at your home. Not only this, you can also market this energy to different organization such as schools, hospitals or even you can able to sell it to different power plants. In this way you are aiming to own your business and earn through this channel. Now you can turn on your air conditioners without worrying about it cost. It is faster way to achieve your goal.

Some experiences shared by consumer of Electricity Freedom system, which are as follows,

David, one of thousands, who successfully slashed his electricity bill by 70%, said, “I am a father of 5 and living a simple and ordinary life. I was always worried about my family’s daily expenses and well aware of increase in energy prices on day to day basis. Sometimes I have to pay monthly bill of $1000 to $1200 which was unaffordable for me. I discussed this problem with one of my friends and he showed me a review on Electricity Freedom system. I decided to take a big step to buy it online and apply this system.

I feel relaxed as it comes with 60 days money back guarantee. Without having any handy knowledge about electricity, I succeeded in creating this system as said in given instructions. After using it for a month or 2, I was surprised to see that my electricity bill went down to 70%. After that I don’t have to pay single penny on electricity without worrying about power outages. It was like dream come true situation for me… I highly recommend this product to everyone.”

I must say it is not just a generator; it is a life changing creation that knows every problem of a common man and the methods to fix these problems. This system provides every reason which causes power outages and extreme electricity bill which are enough to give any one heart attack. It provides cheap ways to produce eco friendly light despite any unfavorable conditions like storm, heavy rain etc.

“I have tried a lot of methods to reduce my electricity bills. But every time I failed to slash the amount of utility bill. One of my relative told me about this eBook and believes me it really works. By following the tips and instruction given in this book everything changed. The electricity consumption reduces to half. Before this I was paying bill of $120 or more but after the use of this system, I got a bill of just $17 which was really an unexpected thing for me. I was shocked for a moment I received the bill. Ever since, I am able to save up to $100 on monthly basis, and of course through this saving I have bought a lot of cosmetics. I just say big WOWW for this system.” These comments are written by an honest buyer of this online system, Lara Smith.

In addition, other energy generators need a lot of maintenance and fuel to operate and it can be use for a very short period of time and require a large space to be placed. They are very costly. As a result we cannot use it as a home based power plant. But if we compare it with Electricity Freedom System, it is very simple and inexpensive way to . It needs less maintenance and organic fuel. They can be use permanently and can be placed anywhere as even in your backyard due to its small size. They are home based power plants.


  • To completely emit the power disturbance and power failure and reduce the electricity bills to zero
  • This system is able to work in extreme weather conditions.
  • People can save their money.
  • Every type of home appliances can run on this system regardless of their energy consumptions.
  • It emphasize on utilization of small things to make a big difference
  • It gives tips and techniques on how to reduce our energy consumption to save it.
  • Save natural resources so that next generation can enjoy it
  • It consume few hours to assemble and construct
  • It tells us how we can of common things like grass, wood, weeds etc as a fuel
  • This system is very small in size so you can place it anywhere at home
  • The fuel is made by organic or animal based material which is not harmful for your health


  • It is simple and easy to understand
  • You can earn living by selling this electricity to different power companies
  • It can also be created by those people who do not posses any knowledge or education of electricity or its generation
  • It helps people to reduce their electricity bills
  • It requires very little maintenance as compared to other power generators.
  • This program demonstrate people through proper video tutorials
  • It can be use just after buying it as it is available only online
  • This system is designed by trained professionals
  • It is home based guide
  • It has 60 days money back guarantee


  • It is only available in digital form. You must have an access to internet in order to take benefit by this system
  • This system needs concentration and attentive attitude. If a person does not concentrate on the video tutorial then he would not be able to generate his own solar generator.


To judge the credibility of “Electricity Freedom system” and check if it works properly or not, you can inquire about the science behind its working. “Electricity Freedom” is a complete guide to create a home power plant that just needs some grass or broken leaves as its fuel. This idea seems a little vague, but figuring out its science can help you understand it. The system is made to provide a permanent solution to electricity break down or outages, with the cost of absolutely nothing but some grass, it is certainly a great idea to execute easily. But before you go for this product, you should understand the science behind its working so that you make up your decision.

“The Secret is hidden in the plants”, Photosynthesis is the process that becomes an inspiration to this idea. In this process, Sunlight reaching plants and breaking apart water and carbon dioxide to release oxygen to provide energy to plants. That energy is negligible to power a home but with using some techniques, the same process can be done on major level to produce electricity enough to light up an entire house.

There are some devices available that can generate electricity by using semiconducting material. They are called “” which use silicon as an alternative to generate electricity. These devices can for an entire house with the help of the sunlight only. But it would be a loss-job, since such devices are way too much expensive for a normal person like you and me, to afford. But you can certainly use the same technique to create your own device to perform the same job. And it is safer than photovoltaic devices and cost nothing but a bunch of grass.

Electricity Freedom system” is a combination of these two techniques of creating electric current by using solar energy. The generator which can be made by using this program is the safest yet most effective creation of all time for building up your own power plant. And it cost down to zero since the raw materials are cheap and resilient. If this same idea can be utilized on major level, not only a house but a whole village can be provided with electricity and safe them from the sudden power outages caused by natural catastrophes.

Now you understand this plant-solar energy- electric current process. You can rely on it too since it is eco-friendly and has absolutely no risk. “The Electricity Freedom system” comes with the assurance of money back guarantee, which safes you from the risk of losing money too. Set up your own electricity generator and get rid of heavy electric bills and risks of power failures.

The final outcome:

It is a life time opportunity for those who wanted to save their earning and utilize in most important things of life. According to the Rich Lubbok, more than 50, 000 people get benefit by this system, so, why not a try? This is the must have system for all people. The best part of Electricity Freedom program is that it has a money back guarantee tag in it, if you don’t satisfied after buying it you can get all your money back. It is totally a worth investment in my opinion. One cannot find a cheapest way to generate energy like this.

Electricity is most essential element of life and you cannot do anything without it. I must say just save energy so your upcoming generation can enjoy it. And last but not the least don’t forget to thanks me when your electricity bill turn down to 80%. Take action today to believe it.